IP packet behaviour analytics is an essential real-time need when dealing with the modern infrastructures capable of transporting uncompressed ST2110 video and audio. With a production environment dominated by operations personnel and non-movable deadlines, enabling the total understanding of advanced connectivity with the use of advanced paradigms recognised by staff to give accurate and meaningful information on par with an audio meter or a waveform/vector-scope, utilized by the industry since the beginning of broadcast. The Instrument View Option (IV), provides deep analytics displays for the VB440 Appliance.


Bridge Technologies options are designed to enhance the overall ability and performance of accurate monitoring in the broadcast environment

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  • Overview

    The VB440´s intuitive packet displays together with the MediaWidow™, provides insight into behaviourism unprecedented by other standard tools, instilling confidence in production crews exposed to modern IP infrastructures. Analytics providing single or multiple stream correlation will immediately reveal any potential critical factor of the transport with intuitive tools and displays. Errors, however minuscule, are displayed and severity can be easily judged by any operator. Media metadata and deep packet analytics data is also available when vendor interoperability and signalling integrity have to be established.

    Also built in is traditional colorimetry, with a full vector-scope consisting of Rec.601, 709 and 2020 compatibility, thus ensuring colour saturation issues that can arise in a mixed standard and HDR (High Dynamic Range) environment. Also, the system provides audio metering and audio listening for 8 stereo pairs following the picture.

    Any flow, or signal, on the network can be selected in the ´flow overview´ or services can be manually bonded into full services consisting of video, audio and ancillary data for easy selection in the ´service selection view´, or the fast access buttons in the lower edge of the gui. Great care has gone into making sure fast access to source selection, and keeping the context of the task, while viewing different signals.

    Created with 10, 25, 40, 50 or 100 GigaBit network connections in mind, the VB440 is delivered with all these network speeds, through its dual connectors. Connecting the VB440 to any IP infrastructure is a breeze, and also makes the appliance future-proof. Shipped with dual 40 GigaBit throughput, it will be software upgradable to even larger capacities when you need them.

    The separately designed Instrument View panels use the state-of-the-art Apple iPad Pro as its engine to enable the most responsive, powerful and colour accurate touch panel possible. Together with the Instrument View aluminium kit´s, advanced analytics capability and usage becomes unprecedented easy to use and can fit into any type of production environment. Simply purchase the iPad Pro and an Instrument View kit, assemble it and off you go.


  • Tech Features

    – RTP Errors average, min/max per flow
    – CRC Errors average, min/max per flow
    – IAT average, min/max per flow
    – Bitrate average, min/max per flow
    – PTP delay average, min/max per flow
    – Average Packet rate
    – DSCP QoS parameter setting per flow
    – Packet TTL (TimeToLive) per flow

    The individual Instrument View kit´s comes with a fully redundant Ethernet adapter that also contains PoE (Power over Ethernet) capability so your panel can be wired with network and power over a single Cat6-a cable or with dual Cat6-a cables for full redundancy. The Instrument View comes in three different flavours:

    IV-1 Rack Mount for 19” racks and 4ru height
    – typically used in engineering environments where other equipment is located, so the checking of signal integrity can be done immediately when bringing services on-line or doing service modifications.


    IV-2 VESA arm mount
    – utilized in space constrained places such as control rooms, audio engineering work areas and general studio locations where space is at a premium, this form-factor is suited to be mounted on VESA gas arms.




    IV-3 Table Top
    – a beautiful and integrated design made to be used anywhere signal validation needs to be done in office/mcr environments, meeting rooms or other situations where the tools needs to be displayed in a subtle way.


  • Software Options

    Information is not available online for this product. Please contact your representative.

  • Ordering Codes

    IV-OPT – Additional IV licenses (up to 8 in total)

    IV-KIT-1 – 19” 4ru iPad Pro mounting kit (iPad Pro 10.5‑inch model, not included)

    IV-KIT-2 – VESA gas arm iPad Pro kit (Arm and iPad Pro 10.5‑inch model, not included)

    IV-KIT-3 – TableTop iPad Pro kit – Table Top (iPad Pro 10.5‑inch model, not included)

    For availability, please contact your local representative

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