MOBILE APP PocketProbe for iPhone or Android, enables objective post-CDN analysis of real network performance in a streaming media environment. The new updated apps incorporate the latest version of the OTT Engine at the heart of Bridge Technologies’ award-winning VB series of media monitoring IP probes. These enable analysis and confidence validation of HTTP variable bit-rate streams from any location.


Bridge Technologies options are designed to enhance the overall ability and performance of accurate monitoring in the broadcast environment

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  • Overview

    PocketProbe can provide continual validation of OTT streams, with detailed analysis of HLS, Smoothstream, RTMP and MPEG-DASH, and at-a-glance displays that present data in instantly-understandable form through graphic displays and multiple overlays. The app can be used by service engineers and operational staff to test real world behaviours with a wide range of operators. Accurate status of bit-rates used and profile changes is displayed in real time, giving instant understanding of provider delivery capability. Together with hardware probes used pre-cloud, the post-cloud location of the PocketProbe enables excellent correlative understanding of CDN and provider abilities.

    The FULL version contains the ability to validate HDS and SmoothStream manifest files and store 25 streams with all profiles.

    The FREE application can validate 5 HLS streams in round robin, analyze and alarm on manifest consistency, playback media in the various profile bit-rates and graphically  display the actual chunk download patterns and bit-rates.

    The PocketProbe enables objective analysis of real network performance of streaming media in a very simple to use, easy to understand application.

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  • Tech Features

    • Fully automatic, input URL of stream and the PocketProbe finds all related profiles and validates consistency
    • Displays profile programmed and actual bps
    • Validates chunk size against download time
    • Alarms on manifest oversizing
    • Alarms on sequence age disparity and non updates of sequence for live streams
    • Graphic display of chunk behavior
  • Software Options

    The use of OTT technologies like variable bit rate HLS, SmoothStream and HDS for distribution of media to all kinds of receiving platforms is rapidly expanding, portable devices used in multiscreen applications being particularly important for OTT deployment to be a preferred method for media signal delivery. Content distribution using OTT is complex, and it is necessary for a service provider to perform continuous surveillance of signal availability and integrity of both LIVE multi-profile streams and VOD content.  The OTT Option provides the same paradigms as more traditional media transports enabling easy understanding of complex media transportation where operators have both traditional and new distribution systems. The OTT options, available for all Bridge Technologies probes, enables monitoring and analysis of HLS, SmoothStream, HDS and MPEG-DASH streams. The OTT engine will check that stream and profile manifest files, the «lists of contents», are syntactically correct and updated, that all stream profiles are available and that stream chunks are delivered on time.

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