REMOTE DATA WALL Remote Data Wall (RDW) allows those responsible for network monitoring and management to quickly and easily create a visual representation of network activity, enabling potential problems to be rapidly identified and appropriate corrective action taken. Depending on the size or complexity of the network being monitored, RDW can spread from a single screen to multiple screens in a videowall format – but requires no specialist skills to install.


Bridge Technologies options are designed to enhance the overall ability and performance of accurate monitoring in the broadcast environment

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  • Overview

    Remote Data Wall enables users with no special skills to create displays, extending over multiple screens in a video wall format.

    “The real magic in what we do isn’t so much collecting data about the network. The magic is in how we turn that data into information that is actionable in real time – and that’s the role of Remote Data Wall,” said Simen K. Frostad, Chairman, Bridge Technologies.

    “It’s another example of our philosophy of ‘making complexity simple’. We’re delighted that the CSI Awards judging panel has recognised the vital role that Remote Data Wall can play in helping ensure maximum network uptime and Quality of Service.”

    Because it is HTML5/browser-based, Remote Data Wall does not require specialist hardware or cabling. It can be viewed locally – in a control room, for example – or remotely from a distant location. Significant flexibility is provided to users in enabling them to select precisely which data should be displayed, and how.

    Mix services from multiple VB288s and others Probes on the same RDW. Data can also be gathered from outside sources- from third-party systems, for example, and external information sources such as weather stations, personnel management systems, and booking schedules. A widget can display, for example, windows from the Dataminer management system, mirroring the layout and appearance of the window to maintain a familiar look.


  • Tech Features


    • It can be viewed from any location either in its entirety or in part as specified by the user
    • Rich graphical data wall display from diverse sources of data
    • Screen based configuration paradigm, multiple TVs or computer screens
    • html5 based, no special hardware required
    • Mix services from multiple VB288 ́s on same RDW
    • Multi-Browser linking
    • Adaptable notification modes
    • Easy and elegant control plane application

    Data can also be gathered from outside sources such as third-party systems, weather stations, personnel management systems, booking schedules and so on
    Mirror the layout and appearance of the window to maintain a familiar look and feel.

    Widgets included:
    Web (iframe)
    Thumbnails (with audio bars)
    Loudness (freestanding audio bars and graphs)
    VBC Alarms
    RF Graphs
    Stream View
    Redundancy switch status
    OTT Graph
    OTT Status overview
    RF Constellation graph
    RF Data

  • Software Options

    Information is not available online for this product. Please contact your representative.

  • Ordering Codes

    RDW-OPT – Remote Data Wall. Requires sw v5.3 or later

  • Documentation

    User Manual – Download