ASI SWITCHED DUAL INPUT The VB242 ASI input option card allows operators real-time high density ASI monitoring or switched ASI round-robin monitoring for remote or head-end applications. Each VB242 card has six BNC inputs. The operator can operate the module in two different modes: either the first two of the inputs are monitored concurrently and with continuous ETSI TR 101 290 analysis, or its six BNC inputs are sequentially monitored in a round-robin fashion. Together with the VB120 or VB220 controllers, the VB242 is perfect for existing infrastructures in the head-end and the regional edge-multiplexer/modulator/transmitter site.


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  • Overview

    The VB242 interface module can operate in two different modes: either two of the inputs are monitored full time with continuous ETSI TR 101 290 analysis, or its inputs are sequentially monitored in a round-robin fashion.

    Using two VB242 interface modules in a 1RU chassis allows full time monitoring of five ASI streams in parallel – two streams from each of the interface modules and one stream from the ASI input of the controlling VB120 or VB220 probe. This high density solution is very useful for monitoring in head-ends where ASI infrastructure is used.

    It is also possible to combine a VB242 with a different input interface module – for instance, one of the demodulators in the interface product range.

    The Enhanced Chassis can be populated with one VB120 controller blade and two VB242 ASI input modules, giving a total of five ASI inputs concurrently monitored. Alternatively, 12 inputs can be monitored in a round-robin fashion, plus one VB120 ASI input concurrently monitored locally on the VB120 module (HD-BNC input).

    The monitoring unit is controlled as part of a system via the VBC Controller as a stand-alone unit using a regular web-browser, or even by a third party management system.

  • Tech Features


    • 6 x 75 ohm female BNC inputs
    • 9-pin male D-TYPE alarm relay connector
    • 6 red/green/orange LED indicators
    • Supports DVB-ASI according to EN 50083-9, Annex B
    • Supports Burst mode, Spread mode and legacy M2S
    • Supports 188-byte packet format and 204-byte packet format
    • Supports up to 161Mbit/s of TS rate per ASI input (local ASI on VB120 module supports up to 211Mbit/s)
  • Software Options

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  • Ordering Codes

    VB242- ASI high-density input blade

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