• Why? Bridge Technologies

    Selecting the right Quality Assurance partner is essential for any business who wants operational confidence. It takes a lot of effort to make complex things easy to understand. It takes a lot to filter the information overload and focus on the really important data.

    We thought we would break it down to a list of the top 5 reasons why you should choose Bridge Technologies products and services to secure your network.

  • 1. QA – is it an engineering issue, or a boardroom issue? It’s both.

    Profitability is influenced by customer churn, truck rolls, maintenance/OPEX costs and efficient brand management. As a self sufficient full-featured intelligent QA system, or as an integral part of your high-level network management environment, our technologies make it easy to handle complexity in the simplest possible way.

  • 2. Don’t bolt it on. Design it in!

    Comprehensive monitoring from Ingress monitoring all the way through to customer premises. QA is not something to add as an afterthought – proactive service quality management is essential to business success and should be at the core of the business planning.

  • 3. Manage service quality. Reduce churn. Cut costs. Satisfy everybody.

    It’s a simple equation. Great service delivered efficiently equals happy customers and growing profits. With Bridge Technologies tools you can achieve this. Hundreds of channels and vast amounts of data are easy to manage through clear at-a-glance status displays. See exactly the information you need in any situation, and make the right decisions quickly.

  • 4. Fix it before it breaks.

    Intelligent full-featured monitoring lets you spot trends and anticipate problems before they happen. Our diagnostic tools let you dive straight into any level of forensic detail, with pinpoint precision – while keeping that vital overview of the big picture.

  • 5. Complexity? It’s simple.

    Great QA for your Digital Media requirements including Satellite, Terrestrial, Broadband Cable, OTT and IPTV – all within the same highly efficient, productive monitoring and analysis environment. Assists Operators smooth transition to multi service offerings of Telephony, Internet, Mobility and Television.
    No need for different tools or specialist skill sets. No need for parallel systems and staffing teams. External integration is no problem. With its built-in Eii toolkit, any Bridge Technologies system fits readily into your network and business management systems to deliver decision-making power with simplicity.