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Monitor It

Complete solutions for end to end monitoring

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Successful delivery of digital media services

From head-end satellite ingress to microanalytics in the home network, Bridge Technologies offers patented innovation and true end-to-end transparency. More and more, successful delivery of digital media services is all about data management. Data about how well the services are performing can come from many sources – from market research and customer satisfaction responses, from analysis of customer support and maintenance activity, and from monitoring systems. Of these sources, it’s the monitoring system that has the greatest potential for you. That’s not just because it provides you with hard data in real time – data that helps maintenance engineers quickly track down faults and remedy them – but because an advanced monitoring system has the capability of becoming an altogether more powerful tool for you to understand your operation and how it could grow.

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Analyze It

Advanced analytics for in depth understanding

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Advanced analytics for in-depth understanding

Bridge Technologies provides in-depth analysis for detailed understanding of data for error, jitter, dropped packets, latency and low throughput analysis, producing hard, empirical QoE data – without [the]false positives. In the connected media consumption landscape, there’s a vast amount of data for you to access, understand – and act on. Every OTT client and set-top box can contribute to a rich data resource for you to use in identifying and understanding new patterns of use, emerging market niches, increased competitive stress, and so on. But: the enormous volumes of data available need exceptional analytical tools if the data is to make sense.

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Visualize It

Unique visual at-a-glance monitoring and analysis

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Visual Status-at-a-Glance Monitoring

Patented visualisation technology for media streams and services makes Bridge Technologies systems more practical and valuable in real-world conditions. Our focus is on human-oriented design that makes it easy for staff to manage more services, more effectively. The VBC controller offers central management and status displaying of all monitored services. It forms a window into the performance of your television distribution operation. Built into all our probes, the MediaWindow™ enables status-at-a-glance of advanced data.The RDW enables you, with no need for special skills, to create displays, extending over multiple screens in a videowall format. With comprehensive displaying capabilities, understanding the real-time and historical behaviour of your media system quickly becomes an invaluable asset.

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