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Bridge Technologies introduce Certification Training

Bridge Technologies has developed a Certification Programme for Business Partners and others designed to ensure personnel have the appropriate knowledge on our product portfolio.

It is currently offered in two phases.

Phase 1. 7 self-contained videos covering all aspects of basic probe setup.

  1. Basic connection, web GUI, Licenses and Software
  2. Adding Multicasts, Multicast parameters and the Media Window™
  3. IP jitter, dropped IP packets, Using Ethernet alarm thresholds
  4. Adding and configuring ETR290 analysis, ETR290 alarm thresholds
  5. Adding RF monitoring, Cable, Satellite & Terrestrial. RF alarm thresholds
  6. An introduction to OTT, what to monitor and where
  7. Configuring OTT monitoring in a probe, OTT thresholds
  8. VB288 QoE probe and Thumbnail generator. Setup & use

Each of the above video tutorials are followed with an online quiz. Passing the quiz allows you to proceed to the next video in the series.

Phase 2. 3 x 2-hour WebEx session with an instructor taking you through Bridgetech’s Video Bridge Controller (VBC) System Manager theory, setup and use.

There is an on-line quiz for each VBC WebEx

You can also test your existing knowledge by taking the quiz and finding if there are any gaps in your knowledge. Remember, Bridgetech release new software with new features every year and you might be a little behind on the current feature-set.

For more details contact Martin Crawley, Head of Bridgetech Academy.

  • Academy Training

    The Bridge Technologies Academy will provide technical personnel with the multi-disciplinary operational expertise, necessary for complete understanding of the Bridge Technologies advanced monitoring environment.

    These courses will deliver expertise, based on long experience of real-world commercial use of IP in broadcasting and interactive media delivery. Just as there has been a lack of end-to-end monitoring solutions for digital TV until recently, there is also a lack of training opportunities where engineers and maintenance staff can acquire both the overview and the detailed knowledge they need. With these courses, customers can now acquire that expertise directly from Bridge Technologies.

    Course content will include:
    • Fundamentals
    • The transport stream, IP protocol stack
    • IPTV protocol mappings
    • Relevant standards, unicast vs. multicast, IGMP
    • Digital TV measurement techniques
    • General considerations, standards
    • What to measure, where to measure
    • Packet drops, packet jitter
    • Common network/ video problems
    • Case studies, inter-arrival time, jitter robustness
    • Stuffed versus unstuffed streams
    • The MediaWindow™
    • Product training
    • Probes, extractor, generator, VBC

    Next Scheduled Training
    Order directly from Bridge Technologies today or contact your local Business Partner. Contact Martin by email for the next scheduled dates or if you have questions about the courses.

    Product Ordering Code

    BT-ACADEMY – Bridge Technologies Academy Standard Course two-day session. Ex. Travel & subsistence
    BT-ACADEMY-OSL – Bridge Technologies Academy Standard Course two-day session per Engineer, in Oslo