Bridge Technologies – a Game Changer Again in 2014

The IABM (International Association of Broadcast Manufacturers) has named Bridge Technologies as one of the five recipients of its Game-Changer 2014 award, in a presentation at this year’s NAB show.

Following from its win in 2013, this makes Bridge Technologies the only company to have received the IABM award twice.

For 2014, the IABM chose Bridgetech’s VB288 Objective QoE Content Extractor as the game-changing product.

Winners were selected based on the innovation of their products and services, the benefits they bring to customers and the industry as a whole, as well as influence on the industry, impact potential over the next 12 months, and economic factors like ROI, cost of ownership and expected user savings.

The panel of judges included John Ive, director of business development and technology at IABM; So Vang, vice president of Advance Technology; Tariq Islam, director of Advance Engineering, at NAB; and Peter White, chief executive, IABM.

Receiving the award at the IABM’s NAB reception, Bridge Technologies’ Chairman Simen Frostad said:

“The VB288 embodies a bit of clear thinking in an area where the industry has got itself in a muddle. Sometimes it’s necessary to strike out in a different direction to achieve a better result, and that’s what being a game changer is about.”

The VB288 delivers visual content extraction, status displays and alerts to a virtual videowall display that can be viewed through any web browser. Running on a standard high-specification server, the VB288 powers displays of large numbers of HD H.264 channels in multiple browser windows, for instant verification of QoE alerts generated by the system.

The VB288 is a key component of the Objective QoE system, which implements a QoE solution based solely on the empirical assessment of objective performance factors specific to digital media operations, rather than using the ‘opinion-scoring’ method common until now. Objective QoE provides a more accurate tool for QoE assessment, free from the spurious and misleading results generated by conventional systems.

With an easy ’embedded feel’ setup and operation experience, and accessible from any location, the VB288 provides a highly effective tool for integrating Objective QoE into digital media monitoring for connected media services.



About Bridge Technologies

Bridge Technologies creates advanced solutions for protecting service quality in the digital media and telecommunications industries. The company’s award-winning monitoring/analysis systems, intelligent switchers and virtual environments help deliver over 20,000 channels to more than 900 million subscribers in 94 countries. From head-end satellite ingress to microanalytics in the home network, Bridge Technologies offers patented innovation and true end-to-end transparency. A privately held company headquartered in Oslo, Norway, Bridge Technologies has worldwide sales and marketing operations through a global business partner network.

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