Bridge Technologies and Skyline Communications Demonstrate DataMiner Integration in Flexible Remote Data Wall at IBC

Bridge Technologies (booth 1.F68) and Skyline Communications (booth 1.A23) have developed an advanced integration between Skyline Communications’ DataMiner network management system and the Bridge Technologies monitoring system.

Making its debut at IBC 2015, the integration allows real-time exchange of status data, with widgets displaying DataMiner alerts and information pages on the Bridge Technologies Remote Data Wall in a user-configurable display alongside many other live monitoring display elements.

By integrating the two systems in this way, Bridge Technologies and Skyline Communications are providing a very high degree of elasticity to operators of digital media services, with the means to collate and customize their own mix of decision-supporting information. When combined with Bridge Technologies’ new virtualized probes, this gives customers the ability to implement new monitoring topologies instantly in response to changing conditions.

“The world is moving to all-IP interconnectivity and software-defined processing. This opens up new possibilities for further-reaching confidence monitoring throughout the entire network in a cost-effective manner. Using DataMiner’s media workflow orchestration combined with virtualized software probes from Bridge Technologies, operators can easily instantiate confidence monitoring for any service, at any time, at any location in the datacenter or cloud. As the number of services and their representations proliferates, operators may also opt to monitor a subset of services by exception, in which case DataMiner launches additional confidence monitoring capacity elastically only in cases of service degradation or outages,” said Steven Soenens, Marketing Director of Skyline Communications.

“The more complex digital media operations become, the more flexibility is needed to manage them and to keep adapting to the continual changes that are inherent in them,” said Simen Frostad, Chairman of Bridge Technologies. “Flexibility is built into networks and operations centers, and this integration between DataMiner and the Bridge Technologies monitoring system provides all the elasticity operators need to be able to create a tailored-to-task monitoring flight deck with a few clicks, and re-shape it in seconds, whenever they want to.”


Skyline Communications is the global leading supplier of end-to-end multi-vendor network management and OSS solutions for the broadcast, satellite, cable, telco and mobile industry.

Our flagship DataMiner network management platform, which received various prestigious awards, enables end-to-end integration of the most complex technical ecosystems and has been deployed by leading operators around the world. DataMiner is today already integrated with over 4000 devices and systems from more than 500 key industry suppliers, and offers a plethora of functionality including unlimited web access, alarming, email and SMS notification, long-term trending, professional reporting, advanced automation, intelligent correlation and root cause analysis, service management, real-time SLA monitoring, user-definable key performance indicator dashboards, spectrum monitoring, mobile access, powerful CPE management, inventory and asset management, and much more.


About Bridge Technologies

Bridge Technologies creates advanced solutions for protecting service quality in the digital media and telecommunications industries. The company’s award-winning monitoring/analysis systems, intelligent switchers and virtual environments help deliver over 20,000 channels to more than 900 million subscribers in 94 countries. From head-end satellite ingress to microanalytics in the home network, Bridge Technologies offers patented innovation and true end-to-end transparency. A privately held company headquartered in Oslo, Norway, Bridge Technologies has worldwide sales and marketing operations through a global business partner network.

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