Bridge Technologies’ VB440 Underpins Densitron’s UReady 4RU Solution

The collaborative product takes broadcast operator control to new levels

After cementing their working relationship together in September 2019, Bridge Technologies is proud to support Densitron’s development of a new four-unit, rack-mountable Multiviewer+ system, based on Densitron’s Intelligent Display System (IDS) solution. The new Multiviewer+ incorporates a Densitron UReady 4RU touchscreen 19” monitor and the full functionality of Bridge Technologies’ VB440 monitoring probes using the Widglets API.

Densitron is a global leader in innovative Human Machine Interaction (HMI) and display technology that provides intuitive touch control, routing and monitoring capabilities to broadcast and production customers.

Designed to take operator control to new levels, the Multiviewer+ can be used to control multiple third-party systems for applications such as broadcast lighting, camera positioning and signal routing. With the IDS Core software enabling flexible and powerful control, the new solution incorporates a rackmount-ready Densitron UReady 4RU 19” monitor – which features a TFT display with capacitive touch control – as well as Bridge Technologies’ VB440 IP probe for the monitoring and analysis of high bit-rate broadcast media traffic.

Built to comply with the requirements of the SMPTE ST2110 and ST2022-6 media IP standards, the VB440 IP probe allows production teams to continuously survey all layers of media transportation on an IP network and facilitate quick resolution of potential problems. Integrated into the Multiviewer+ via the Widglets™ API, the VB440 allows the system to display 2, 3 or 4 comfort monitoring screens in conjunction with a range of various monitoring elements, including waveform data or any configuration of data display required by the user.

Speaking of the natural congruence of Multiviewer+ with VB440 monitoring capabilities, Simon Jones, CEO of Densitron, said: “As pandemic conditions continue and mean smaller deployments for studio-based and outside broadcast projects, we believe that this very powerful, compact and easy to use solution will resonate with production teams everywhere. From the start of our discussions, it was clear that the combination of Densitron and Bridge Technologies’ R&D could deliver an amazing end-result, with the VB440 providing the opportunity to give broadcasters a wealth of data-driven insight. Combine this with the robust UReady monitor and the IDS solution, and you have a fully scalable and highly intuitive solution for today’s fast-moving broadcast and production sectors.”

Expanding on this idea, Chairman for Bridge Technologies Simen Frostad said: “The way that Densitron have integrated our Widglets™ API technology into their IDS solution and UReady touchscreen is fantastic, and demonstrates such a keen understanding of what kind of information production engineers need, how they need it presented to them, and how they can work with it most efficiently.” He continued: “Indeed, we can speak to that from personal experience – we use Densitron products throughout our IP-based studio in Oslo, where we produce our weekly Bridge Show, and their clear, slick and intuitive workflows make life so much easier.”

Frostad can be seen talking with Jones about the relationship between Bridge and Densitron in February 16ths’ episode of ‘The Bridge Show’, available on YouTube

About Densitron

Founded 50 years ago, Densitron is a display expert designing and manufacturing touch-based HMI (Human Machine Interaction) solutions tailored to the needs of customers around the world. In 2019, Densitron acquired the Intelligent Display System (IDS) product and brand from IPE Technologies. IDS is readily integrated into Densitron’s control surfaces and offers a fully scalable, network-based display and control system, which is a logical and seamless complement to Densitron’s existing product range. We collaborate with our customers to understand their particular requirements and then create bespoke products to address those. In November 2015 Densitron was acquired by Quixant plc which designs and manufactures highly optimised computing solutions and monitors principally to the global gaming industry. Together, the Company has offices in Asia, Europe and North America and experienced application engineers based worldwide, our global approach to innovation is always underpinned by a thorough local knowledge and understanding of cultural requirements. Our products can be found in a wide range of sectors including broadcast, medical, security, automotive, digital signage and gaming. More information can be found at

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Bridge Technologies creates advanced solutions for protecting service quality in the digital media and telecommunications industries. The company’s award-winning monitoring/analysis systems, intelligent switchers and virtual environments help deliver over 20,000 channels to more than 900 million subscribers in 94 countries. From head-end satellite ingress to microanalytics in the home network, Bridge Technologies offers patented innovation and true end-to-end transparency. A privately held company headquartered in Oslo, Norway, Bridge Technologies has worldwide sales and marketing operations through a global business partner network.

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