Bridge Technologies wins Gold at the European Design Awards 2018

Every year The European Design Awards celebrate outstanding work in the field of communication design.
Infographics – Digital
Bridge Technologies interactive illustration – Agency: Design Container
Gold prize winner
Kris Lunde, Øyvind Rønning, Linn-Cecilie Linnemann (Design Container) and Tim Langridge (Bridge Technologies)
“Bridge Technologies is one of few providers within its sector, developing advanced monitoring and analysis systems for the broadcasting and telco industries. As a part of explaining the end-to-end value chain to their customers, an interactive website landing page was developed, showing all the areas that Bridge Technologies monitor, and deliver both services and products too. TV signals can be distributed from many sources and travel by air, underground, over mountains and into peoples homes. The navigatable landscape communicates this distribution process in one main frame, and is inspired by Norways nature, fjords and features the vibrant Nordic Lights.”
See the making of video here: Landscape