Audio for Television: How AES67 and Uncompressed 2022/2110/TR03 Video Fit Together
Independent audio routing, or audio breakaway, is a standard aspect of today’s TV production workflow and is functionality that will need to be implemented in IP as the industry transitions away from Serial Digital Interface (SDI). Fortunately, the existing AES67 standard for audio over IP meets this objective and eliminates the need for the industry to reinvent the wheel. Not only is there already AES67 equipment deployed in the audio industry, but using this standard also enables significant new workflow opportunities. This paper provides an overview of AES67 and explores how it can be used with SMPTE ST 2022–6, ST 2110, and Video Services Forum (VSF) TR03 uncompressed video to form a complete solution. AES67 uses the IEEE-1588 PTP timing standard and, combining AES67, IEEE-1588, SMPTE ST 2059, and SMPTE ST 2022–6 using the new VSF Technical Recommendation 04 (TR04), provides a solution for maintaining A/V alignment throughout the production workflow.

Publisher: SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers)

Published in: SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal ( Volume: 126, Issue: 5, July 2017)
Author: Leigh Whitcomb is an associate architect for Imagine Communications

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