EC – enhanced chassis

The 1RU Enhanced Chassis can house a maximum of 3 modules, and it is equipped with two 100-240V AC power supplies. The unit is forced air ventilated, the air flow going from front to back. 

The maximum power consumption of the chassis with optional modules is 75W. By default all connectors are located at the front of the unit. The power plugs are located at the rear of the unit. The rack ears of the chassis may be moved to provide for mid or rear mounting of the unit. The rack ears are designed to support the weight of the unit.

The Enhanced Chassis (EC) is delivered with two 100-240V AC / 75W power supplies, providing power redundancy. Each EC unit consists of a 1RU chassis with 3 option slots. In normal operation load is shared between the two power supplies.

If mains fall- out occurs for one of the power sources or one of the power supplies fails, the power supply still in operation will take the full load, seamlessly. This means that monitoring operation will not be affected if one of the power sources fails. Power supply failure will be indicated by a red LED located rightmost on the front of the chassis.


  • Dual redundant AC power supplies
  • Front-back airflow
  • Software controlled fans
  • Back dual IEC power connector
  • 9PIN GPI relay connector
  • Field changeable fan trays
  • Status LEDs front and back


EC – Enhanced Chassis 1RU w/ Redundant 100-240v AC PS