Full Service Monitoring™ FSM™ Full Service Monitoring

The FSM™ framework consists of multiple technologies for detecting service loss or malfunctions of essential services in addition to the broadcast TV stream. With FSM™ the IP-PROBES can monitor VoD clusters, the MiddleWare system and all other relevant services for customer satisfaction within an IPTV delivery system.

FSM™ is standard in all VB2 series IP-PROBES. Complexities in an IPTV system can reach staggering proportions and the need to have confidence in the delivery of these services is absolute. More and more services have to be put closer to the edge as systems grow, decentralising a lot of the services and putting them out of reach of operational staff in lights-out facilities only reachable with a truck-roll.

The need to know the status for all these systems is critical. For a customer, multicast health is only one of the aspects for QoE. The STB needs software to run, the MiddleWare needs to be carried without hinderance to the CPE, and important data like EPG information needs to be reachable from the STB.

All these different services need to be present to make the highly complex service work perfectly and with the FSM™ framework ALL services can be monitored in real-time.