MediaWindow™ The MediaWindow™ is a patented technology for complete access to packet behavior and media loss information.

When transporting MPEG data in an IP network, two parameters in particular should be monitored closely: packet loss and packet jitter. If there is no packet loss and packets are transmitted in a reasonably even pace through the network, the signal may be received without transmission errors. This means that the transmission is completely transparent with respect to signal quality. If however packet loss or excessive packet jitter occurs, the result will most likely be signal impairments noticeable to the end user, for instance in the form of visible picture errors.

A digital television network operator should obviously pay attention to the behaviour of these two parameters, and to facilitate the interpretation of in-duplo series of measurement data, Bridgetech developed the MediaWindow™ visualisation technique.

The geniusly simple MediaWindow™ displays MPEG over IP traffic performance in a single, composite graph, packet loss and packet jitter being indicated in opposite directions from a base line. Different colours show the network status, and water-flow graphing ensures that both current and historical data are represented. Together these techniques result in a graphical user interface that is packed with essential information, yet intuitive and easy to read.

All IP-enabled Bridgetech probes use the MediaWindow™ technology for unequalled simplicity of confidence monitoring in a complex environment. Deploying Bridgetech probes is an easy way of minimising the time spent solving problems in a digital television network, and a safe way to achieve superior service quality.