For information regarding WEEE please see: ec.europa.eu/environment/waste/weee/index_en.htm

BRIDGE Technologies is committed to fulfilling all statutory environmental requirements in accordance with the WEEE scheme.

In order to prevent the generation of hazardous waste, BRIDGE Technologies undertakes the responsibility for taking back and recycling electrical and electronic equipment. This will provide incentives to design electrical and electronic equipment in an environmentally more efficient way, which takes waste management aspects fully into account.

In order to fulfill our obligations in accordance with the WEEE directive BRIDGE Technologies partnerships have environmental schemes of their own which replace or supersede BRIDGE Technologies’ commitment to take back and recycle its products. Where no such partnership scheme is initiated or is considered to be inadequate, BRIDGE Technologies undertakes to receive back the equipment to its administrative HQ for disposal. Disposal is conducted by Eurovironment as as in accordance with BRIDGE Technologies’ commitment to take back and recycle its products.

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If you are an existing BRIDGE Technologies client and wish to return equipment for disposal please contact your local BRIDGE Technologies Business Partner or System Integrator. Please click here for an overview of our Business Partners and System Partners.

For information regarding RoHS please see: www.rohs.gov.uk
For information regarding EUROVIRONMENT as (a collective take-back company) please see: www.eurovironment.com