Bridge Technologies Will Demo Release 6.1 at IBC 2022

New version harmonises across VB120, VB220, VB330 and Nomad product ranges

Bridge Technologies today announce their participation in this September’s IBC (Booth 1.A71), where they will be demonstrating their powerful range of broadcast monitoring solutions, with a particular focus on supporting broadcasters in their transition to IP production and delivery. Bridge will be using the opportunity to give the first public demonstration of their new 6.1 software solution harmonising the full suite of Broadcast IP probes, along with SCTE 104/35 marker monitoring, and the award-winning signal generation functionality.

In relation to the 6.1 release, this integrates what was previously two separate components; namely probe and extractor software, and allows for both to be deployed across embedded, appliance or software solutions. This harmonisation is in keeping with the Bridge Technologies development philosophy, which seeks to maintain a consistent architecture across the entire suite of products, whilst continually moving to tweak and extend the functionalities offered. This both ensures that clients can integrate multiple probes as needed – across IP, Satellite, OTT, Cable and Terrestrial – and still be sure of reliable, cohesive and coordinated end-to-end monitoring. But more than this, it ensures that clients are always delivered the highest value and service, by avoiding the constant release of new products, and instead facilitating continuous improvement to the existing range across the board. 

The new release significantly improves the capacity of the probes range, increasing OTT and ETR, and content monitoring from 100 streams to 1000. In addition, a range of new functionalities has been introduced, including the ability to receive and transmit SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) – an increasingly important transport standard that maintains low latency over noisy networks, with high speed and extensive error correction. Version 6.1 will allow for all the standard multicast monitoring functions (such as bitrate and content on the timeline, where the model supports it) to be applied to SRT streams, as well as facilitating SRT encapsulation in RDP. 

In addition to these SRT functionalities, version 6.1 allows the VB246 input card to accommodate six ASI inputs in parallel, giving a total of 13 in one unit. With the addition of JPEG XS decoding, QoE metrics (and timeline display where valid) for OTT streams, content checks for ASI and RF streams (including freeze and black frame detection), and improved terrestrial monitoring of DVBT/T2 (including T2MI checks, frequency measurements and modulation checks), version 6.1 brings unparalleled versatility to the full suite of Bridge Products – and represents the cornerstone of the ‘Integrated Services Monitoring’ (ISM) approach that Bridge have been promoting to broadcasters with increasingly complex and multifaceted broadcast setups. 

At IBC, Bridge will also be demonstrating the integration of new SCTE 104 and SCTE 35 monitoring capabilities – an increasingly important component for broadcasters engaging in ad-insertion, including alarming, and the ability to display SCTE35 Cue Out events in the QoE thumbnail overview. Also on display will be the new and exciting implementation of SCTE 35 for OTT.

IBC will also represent an opportunity to demonstrate the significant developments that Bridge Technologies have made in the field of IP production with their VB440. With its comprehensive set of production tools designed to give intuitive information to creatives, producers and engineers alike – through nothing more than an HTML5 browser – the VB440 eliminates the need for single-function hardware, thus significantly reducing rack space, energy consumption and cost in remote and distributed production environments. 

As well as the traditional rounds of client meetings and appointments, Bridge will be taking their online ‘Bridge Show’ – a weekly full-scale chat show production launched during the initial lockdown and continued due to its wide success – on the road, delivering live episodes from a full remote studio set-up on the booth; thus demonstrating in-the-field value and usability of their products. 

Speaking of their upcoming attendance, Chairman Simen Frostad said: “By nature we’re social animals at Bridge Technologies, and the ability to be back out and engaging directly with our industry peers, customers, business partners and friends is hugely important to us; all the more so since we have made so many groundbreaking developments across our full range over the past two years”. He continued: “IP production and distribution has finally made it mainstream – something we predicted over 18 years ago – but it is still daunting for some. Our tools exist to decomplexify production and wider broadcast environments, and put comprehensive and holistic tools in one intuitive, efficient browser-based space. In this way, we grant creatives and engineers alike the ability to make meaningful decisions, be they in-the-moment real-time technical adjustments, or long-term strategic operational planning”.

More information about Bridge Technologies and its products is available at or by phone at +47 22 38 51 00.

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