HIGH PERFORMANCE IP PROBE The VB440 IP probe provides a breakthrough for the monitoring and analysis of high-bitrate broadcast media traffic as defined in ST2110 and ST2022-6 for core broadcasting networks, production studios, master control centres and outside broadcast vehicles and venues. It enables production teams to continuously survey all layers of media transportation on an IP network and facilitates quick rectification of potential problems, helping to maximise Quality of Service (QoS).


Bridge Technologies options are designed to enhance the overall ability and performance of accurate monitoring in the broadcast environment

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  • Overview

    With support for interface speeds from 10, 25, 40, 50 and up to 100 Gigabit on dual interfaces, even the largest of media networks can be accommodated with analysis of SD, HD, HD HDR, 4K and 4K HDR and above. ST2022-7 redundancy is also monitored and analysed when connected to both primary and secondary networks. PTP is provided with ST2059-2 clock analysis, clock source detection/listing and clock accuracy and class, providing troubleshooting and continuous monitoring of this critical infrastructure in a production network – including accurate path-delay for individual flows.

    The VB440 can accommodate eight simultaneous users, from local or remote locations over secure https. It features a user interface provided by a standard web browser, and can be provided with Instrument View aluminium kits in broadcast form factors that enable touch screen operation. This gives production teams access to an analytics solution for large numbers of streams and multiple resolutions in real-time and in parallel in multiple locations.


    VB440 IP Probe w/ Instrument View Engine:
    Industry-leading video data throughput
    4K over IP analytics
    HTML5 web based interface displays
    PTP, ST2059-2 clock analysis
    Dual Ethernet 10G, 25G, 40G, 50G and 100G interfaces
    Packet analysis and behaviors displayed with high speed accuracy
    Full waveform/vector-scope consisting of Rec.601, 709 and 2020 compatibility
    AES67 audio formats, analysis of transport format, channels, sample rate, bitrate
    Instrument View Engine, provides deep analytics displays for the VB440 Appliance

  • Tech Features

    – RTP Errors average, min/max per flow
    – CRC Errors average, min/max per flow
    – IAT average, min/max per flow
    – Bitrate average, min/max per flow
    – PTP delay average, min/max per flow
    – Average Packet rate
    – DSCP QoS parameter setting per flow
    – Packet TTL (TimeToLive) per flow

  • Software Options

    Information is not available online for this product. Please contact your representative.

  • Ordering Codes

    VB440-Appliance – High-Performance appliance for Instrument View analytics of ST2110 and ST2022-6, capable of dual stream analysis of complete ST2022.7 redundancy analysis.
    – Dual 100G QSFP interfaces for 10G, 25G, 40G, 50G 100G connectivity
    – 40Gbps data rate
    – Two simultaneous Instrument View (IV) users

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