Advanced monitoring and analysis systems and patented innovation for hardware, software and the cloud. Bridge Technologies provides true end-to-end transparency. Probes are available for Production, DVB-T/T2, DVB-C/C2, VSB, DVB-S/S2, RF, ASI, IP streams including OTT services, Virtual environments and unique portable field assignments. Discover the best monitoring solution for your network below;


    We make the box, and the software inside it, for scalable and dynamic growth

    Our range of software and hardware probes offer outstanding robustness, simple installation, comprehensive features, low energy consumption, and support for all the major standards. Each probe is a brilliant solo performer, but that’s just the beginning. Every probe fits into a beautifully coherent ecosystem to give you centralised control and visibility throughout the entire network, tight integration with your NMS, online access to all the data from any location, and the most transparently informative graphical status and analysis displays. For server-based headends, there’s identical sophisticated functionality in our Software probes too.

    For some locations in your delivery chain, our dedicated hardware probes may be the best option. But for your server-based infrastructure, you can have identical functionality, performance and the same operational look-and-feel from our virtualised probes. The same easy integration with your NMS, the same sophisticated features and coherent data ecosystem, the same ‘at-a-glance’ decision-supporting status and analysis displays. Installable almost instantly to allow rapid scaling of capacity, our virtualised probes deliver full-on monitoring power from your standard blade servers.

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    A truly professional monitoring strategy begins at the beginning

    No matter how well your headend is equipped, you have no control over the quality and integrity of the signal entering your network if you fail to monitor it at the point of ingest. Bridgetech’s satellite ingest solution gives you the tools to take a proactive approach to QA. Intercept errors here, and you’ll save the greater time and cost of hunting them down after they’ve disappeared and propagated into your network infrastructure and beyond. A detailed, comprehensive and fully nuanced analysis of your incoming signal gives you complete control right from the start, and the proactive capability to anticipate and forestall trouble rather than react after the event.

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    Consistent, deep, insight into every link of the chain

    The range of technologies used in broadcasting today poses a challenge to your organisation. Some broadcasters try to make do with a piecemeal approach, using a variety of monitoring products from multiple vendors for various links in the chain. But this strategy can’t give you the level of precise control and insight you get with a dedicated end-to-end system designed to correlate deep monitoring detail from your RF, ASI, and IP infrastructure and present it in a form that any of your technical staff can understand. With Bridge Technologies you can switch instantly between overview of your entire network and deep detail at any node within it. View transmitter performance analysis, SFN drift, IP transport integrity, OTT stream quality and every other aspect of your distribution operation – all presented with the coherent, graphical clarity that supports efficient decision-making and optimal service levels.

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    The tools to make an opportunity from change

    With the rapid evolution in consumer consumption patterns, broadband cable providers have a unique opportunity to reach new audiences and define marketspace through innovation. To project and maintain premium brand value through core cable and expanded OTT services, purpose-designed end-to-end monitoring technology is vital. Eliminate the complexity and cost of operating a hybrid of RF, IP, QAM and OTT with a solution that gives you coherent insight and control over all these technologies – and a consistent, unified graphical presentation of the data across the whole network.

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    Quality of Experience monitoring – without the noise

    Cut through the fog surrounding Quality of Experience monitoring. Bridge Technologies’ Objective QoE dispenses with the redundant concept of subjective quality assessment carried over from the telecoms industry, with its over-complicated algorithmic simulation of users and their experience. Our solution monitors services objectively at the point of reception and produces hard, empirical QoE data without the false positives and misinformation.

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    Multiple screens, one highly accurate way of monitoring

    OTT Architectures are at the forefront of many broadcasters minds. Taking that into account, the OTT Engine technology was specifically developed to bridge existing understanding of packet and chunk based media, distributed over standard http protocols and servers. Enabling broadcasters to readily understand this maturing technology within known and familiar frameworks, event and alarming structures, is extremely important for successful implementation of new technologies.

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    Dependable, flexible autonomy with unprecedented decision accuracy

    Our intelligent redundancy switching systems for ASI and satellite offer a far more valuable redundancy solution than the previous generation of black box switches. That’s because they incorporate our fully-evolved ETR290 technology and a sophisticated decision engine. Using a far greater range of criteria than other solutions, they base decisions on a more nuanced and realistic assessment of the data. Error conditions are evaluated against a set of user-defined rules to determine the appropriate automated action in any operational scenario.

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    All the data you’ll ever need, presented in a way you can instantly understand

    A great monitoring system produces huge volumes of information. But a mountain of data is little use if it can’t be readily understood. At the heart of the Bridge system, the VBC Server embodies the most sophisticated data visualisation technology available in any monitoring system, giving you control, proactivity and total recall: real-time graphical displays of key metrics for instant overviews and at-a-glance decision-making; a totally customisable Remote Data Wall monitoring ‘flight deck’; and the completely unique Timeline action replay for in-depth analysis of events and trends in your data over the past two years. These are the tools to help you see through the complexity, spot hidden correlations and patterns, play through and forensically analyse past performance, identify future trouble spots and fix them before serious problems affect your service.

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    The end is in sight – from anywhere you like

    End-to-end monitoring is not just a fine-sounding concept. It’s a reality, and the only completely sure way to grow your business by guaranteeing the best quality service for your subscribers. From the moment the signal is ingested at your headend, to the moment it’s received by your viewers, you can monitor every aspect of it in fine detail – and from any location. At the end of the chain, our self-installing miniaturised microVB probe gives you total 24/7 visibility of the home network and is small enough to mail to the viewer, saving your organisation the cost of truck rolls and on-site maintenance for the lifetime of the subscription.

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    The Omega Program and Academy Training

    The OMEGA program is based around integrated modules for Automated Software Services, Recurring Events and a Dedicated Personal Expert, this to guarantee optimum system performance with superior continuity of knowledge, for engineering staff.
    General support is both passive and reactive. OMEGA is also proactive with well defined deliverables, active interaction and follow up with the customer. The OMEGA Program includes 3 main modules:
    • Dedicated Personal Expert Engineer
    • Automated Software Services
    • Recurring Events
    Also included in the OMEGA program is System Optimization

    The Academy will provide technical personnel with the multi-disciplinary operational expertise, necessary for complete understanding of the Bridge Technologies advanced monitoring products and services.

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